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Medical Qigong and Chinese Medicine at Inner Strength

What is the difference between Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is becoming more mainstream and many think what the curriculum of Acupuncture colleges in the United States teach is the original medical system from China. The truth of the matter is that American TCM, is a very limited system extrapolated from village systems in China as a means to preserve some semblance of thousands of years of research and development. It is not a complete system and does not represent the full teachings of Chinese Medicine. In fact, most of the medical texts were burned or destroyed during the China’s Cultural Revolution and are permanently lost. Therefore, it was the oral traditions of the monks that preserved most of the original teachings of the complete systems. We at Inner Strength are preserving this national treasure; teaching and healing in the manner of our mentors before us. We continue to seek out the authorities in this field for further education and refinement of this ancient traditional of healing.

Chinese Medicine is the world's oldest, continually practiced, professional medicine. Its written history stretches back not less that 2,500 years and its practice is undoubtedly much older than that. Although acupuncture was the first Chinese modality to gain wide acceptance in the West, Chinese herbal medicine is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies in the West, as well as bodywork therapies devised by the Chinese and Medical Qigong Therapy.

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All four main branches of Complete Chinese  Medicine are utilized at

Inner Strength

Medical Qigong Therapy:  Which include self-regulation therapy, energetic massage therapy, energetic point therapy, and invisible needle therapy. Medical QiGong treatments assist your body to heal itself through moving the blood and removing stagnation. Inner Strength is one of the oldest providers of Medical QiGong education on the east coast that upholds China’s longstanding hospital traditions. We offer programs for QiGong Exercise Specialist through  Masters in Medical Qigong.

Acupuncture/Acupressure:    While most think of Needling therapy and Bloodletting, we offer Cupping,  Moxa, and Magnetic therapy for more non-invasive but effective procedures. 

Herbal Therapy:   which include teas and soups, tinctures and wines, balms and liniments, compresses, powders and pills as well as nutritional education on the consumption of  food and its energetic properties.

 Chinese Massage Therapy:  which include Jie Gu or bone setting (chiropractic), Tuina or muscle manipulation, Gua sha or scraping therapy, An mo or visceral manipulation, and Jing point therapy. This in conjunction with a sports medicine backgrounds, Dr Cibik provides Quantum Neuromuscluar Massage Therapy TM

What's the difference between traditional herbalism and CM?

Western herbalism primarily treat diseases or symptoms, such as head aches, runny nose, menstrual pain, etc. Chinese herbal medicine is based on the individual pattern diagnosis. This means that the patient receives a custom herbal prescription designed to treat both the symptom or disease and their individual pattern. Such a pattern is made up of the person's signs and symptoms as well as their emotional temperament and bodily constitution.

What makes Inner Strength Different?

We at Inner Strength understand the human body from a fresh perspective. We look at three distinct interconnective matrixes enveloping the body simultaneously. These three matrixes affect health of body, mind and spirit. Western medicine gives very little credence to the emotional matrix as well as the spiritual matrix or their influence on ones health. We use all four branches of Chinese Medicine with these matrixes.

We also look at several "seas" of the body The sea of blood, the sea of marrow (brain and spinal column), the sea of Qi (energy or vital force), and the sea of grain and water (digestion and food assimilation).

In addition we use eastern testing methods of pulse, tongue, eyes, and appearance to inform us of changes within the body's balance. We also use Kinesiology, palpation, range of motion and "ground substance" and fascia tests to better understand the truly puzzling cases.




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