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 Exercise Client Success Stories

Throughout life, many will encounter a special person who will change their lives forever. This person can be anyone, a teacher, a parent or even a sibling. For me, this person was Dr. Ted Cibik. During the past two years, Ted has aided me in transforming myself into a totally new person. Because of him, I have learned to love myself for who I am.

I have also adopted a healthy new lifestyle as a result of his guidance.

Living life as an overweight child, in my opinion, is one of the most painful experiences one may ever have to endure. I struggled with obesity for as long as I could remember. Then, at 16 years old, I decided I wanted to change my life, and change it permanently.  My mother and I decided that working with a personal trainer might yield the most successful results. After weeks of inquiry, we learned of Dr. Cibik and the fitness and wellness center that he operates called Inner Strength INC. I scheduled an appointment with Ted, and went in for an initial analysis. Being told by a professional that I needed to lose one hundred pounds absolutely overwhelmed me. I was sure it was impossible, and I began to accept the fact that I would be overweight for life. 

Ted, however, was not going to give up on me so easily. He told me that I needed to begin an exercise regiment of personal training with him. If I were to lose weight I would also need to adhere to a strict low calorie diet. The word diet always struck a tender nerve with me because I had experienced my share of diet mishaps, none of which resulted in any weight loss. I was reluctant to try Ted’s plan of action but he wouldn’t allow me to say no. He has an indescribable ability to give a person confidence when they need it most. I think that is why he has changed my life so much. 

Getting adjusted to my new lifestyle was difficult at first, but soon it became habit. I can by no means say it was easy, but I stuck it out. Ted was always ready to push me to the limit. There were times when I became extremely frustrated and I was tempted to revert back to my old lifestyle but I never did. I never quit because of Ted and all of his encouragement.

All of the support that he gave me paid off. Today I am 110 pounds lighter then I was the first time I stepped into his office. I have learned so much from this inspiring individual. Ted has taught me lessons that I can use throughout my entire life. Diligence and confidence are two virtues that can be applied to any situation. Because of Ted I am a stronger and more determined individual. I am more prepared for the real world and the adult life that will soon face me.    


- Mary Kate Bashline


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