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Nutritional Approaches at Inner Strength

An eating program needs to be a comprehensive one, tailored to the individual. Generic diet systems (Atkins, Pritkin, etc.) only work for about 30% of the population. Help for the other 70% is where Inner Strength's programs come in. We use the best of all Western clinical dietary guidelines combined with looking at food as medicine from the Eastern traditions.

Diet is also a key control point for many dis-ease processes. The consumption of foods is not a 'one size fits all' scenario. A diabetic patient has far different dietary concerns than a person suffering from allergies or IBS. The spread of cancer can be exacerbated or halted based on the nutritional components of the diet.

We intuitively know we do not eat as well as we should to provide our body the proper building blocks needed to live life to it's full potential. Standard diets from books or weight loss programs can actually be dangerous to your health if they do not concern your pre-existing conditions and medications. 

Our eating plans at Inner Strength, Inc. look at your current health issues, medications, other supplements and vitamin programs, your daily energy expenditure and what your immediate and future health goals should be. We then place the body into a state of yin and yang balance (homeostasis), by eating the foods YOU need, at this time.

Western trained physicians do not have the time to fully review nutritional importance with all their patients, and it's not their area of expertise. With new studies and research available daily, we make it duty to stay current on both Western scientific findings, European research, and traditional foods used for healing in various cultures.

While weight loss may be a goal, eating properly can fuel your body to fight cancer, restore energy, and reduce immune system disorders.  A few of our services components include: 

  • Herbology

  • Enzyme therapy

  • Acid/alkaline balance

  • Glycemic indexing

  • Hot/Cold, Warm/Cool foods based on body type

  • Vitamin supplementation

  • Medication interaction with vitamins and other nutritionals

  • Detoxification

  • Fasting

  • Bei Gui

See what we have done with other people who were considered 'lost causes' by western medicine...

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