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We at Inner Strength

offer a unique perspective

on health care. 


We believe in simplicity. 


We believe in the human body

can heal itself

of most diseases and illnesses 

even if that is to place it

in remission for the remainder

of your life. 


We believe the body works by three simple principals:


  1. Movement (some people call this exercise)

  2. Nutrition or the raw materials to reconstruct the body

  3. Rest/sleep/stress reduction.

Movement is to move blood. Simple. If your blood doesn’t move well or at all…. you are in big trouble.

When blood doesn’t move, the nutrition in the blood and the oxygen in the blood is not moving either.

If there is no oxygen or nutrition moving into any area of the body…that part of the body begins to morph into an altered state or eventually die. Movement (even gentle movement) squeezes the muscles that moves the blood.

Nutrition is the building block of life – food and water- no one can escape this simple fact of living. If you do not supply your body with the correct raw materials, how can it construct and heal into a healthy body? We at Inner Strength specialize in innovative perspectives of nutrition to help you allow your body to heal and to fight pathogens and illnesses the way nature intended it to. 

Rest. Most of us are sleep deprived these days. Many of us live on daily loads of stress. Many people are not feeling rested mentally or physically as they start their new day. The body heals during periods of rest/sleep and stress reduction. We teach people how to modify their lifestyle with techniques that release pressure on the mind, reduce stress, and capture a healing environment in the body (homeostasis).

Like any recipe or formula, omit one ingredient, and you are doomed for a disappointing outcome. By manipulating these three factors in unique pairings that follow the cycles of nature, we offer the body/mind the opportunity to heal and to be well again.

We also recognize that every(body) is different and so are their minds. That is why we personalize every recipe for each client that walk through our door.

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Inner Strength, Inc

825 Lovers Leap Rd

Leechburg, PA 15656


South Hills Office*

501 Valleybrook Rd

McMurray, PA


Call 724-845-1041 to schedule an appointment at any of our locations.


More about our Wellness Center

and Directions


Inner Strength is owned and operated by:

Ted J. Cibik, PhD, ND ,Executive Director of Inner Strength, Inc.

LuAnn Cibik, Master Educator of Interior Alignment

Inner Strength History:

In 1996, Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center was born on a peaceful hilltop in Western Pennsylvania. The center, creating using feng shui principals, is an exclusive retreat for people interested in overcoming chronic disease and illness as well as a resource and educational center for maintaining an optimal state of health.

Our clients and patients are local Pennsylvanians, but also from all over the United States and Canada. Our blend of naturopathic services with Chinese Medicine principals, makes us very unique in the kind of health care we can offer.

Inner Strength, Inc. is unique in the ability to draw upon the complete oral traditions of pre-TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with over 5,000 years of medical history, to using the most current worldwide research available on cancer therapy, for example, allows us to extrapolate the best of the old and the new.

The premise of yin and yang are constantly represented and expressed in all areas of healing and education in the center. Topics discussed are unique as well. Inner Strength’s diversity in educational topics range from the teachings of internal and external martial arts (yang), to the areas of internal healing (yin). The issues of violence in the workplace and personal safety concerns (yang) to the treatment of panic disorder through Medical Qigong (yin) are examples of the educational system taught on and off site.  

Inner Strength, Inc     825 Lovers Leap Road       Leechburg, PA 15656 USA       724-845-1041


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